San José Cal-SOAP Services

    College & Career Coaching

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    Each Academic Coach is assigned a caseload of students, at one school site, based on current student data from the CSAC database. The Cal-SOAP participant caseload will consist of students who meet the following criteria:

    Meet Cal-SOAP eligibility requirements

    Previously identified as intensively-served OR

    Identified as "On-track", "close to On-Track" or "Off-track."

    Students receive both intensive and general college & career advising services such as; study skills enhancement, college awareness, and preparation. Academic Coaches meet regularly with intensive students from their assigned caseload.

    San José Cal-SOAP academic and college advising services are delivered through two models; 1) grade-level strategies and 2) the College-Going Initiative.

    Grade-level strategies are designed to provide specific targeted services to Cal-SOAP students who have been identified as intensive. The goals of the grade-level strategies are:

    To identify and determine Cal-SOAP students’ eligibility for postsecondary opportunities;

    Encourage those students to successfully complete their eligibility requirements by customizing services to ensure their specific needs are met; and

    Offer students and their family information and intensive support services with the college-going process.

  • Academic Tutoring

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    Provide academic tutoring support to targeted schools and students through the after school homework centers and in-class  tutoring. We will continue to work with  school  sites to  provide tutor  support  to existing  after-school tutorials and/or implement an After School Homework Center (AHC) in collaboration with school site  administration. AHC’s will continue  to be available to all grade levels and will accommodate drop-in services. Cal-SOAP Academic Coaches will also ensure that students within their caseload are provided additional academic support by referring them to the AHC.

  • Family Engagement

  • SJCS works with our partner schools to assess the parent/family programs already in place. We then strategically set up a parent program that fits the school. Beginning in the fall parents will receive an orientation to Cal-SOAP and overview of the student and parent activities scheduled for the academic year. Families will be encouraged to track the academic progress of their child throughout the academic year. Academic coaches will conduct follow-up phone calls for parents in their assigned caseload. Finally, parents will be involved in the advisement of their child in regards to graduation and college preparedness. Finally, SJCS will also continue, when allowable, partnerships with other consortium and regional partners to implement family conference programs in the fall and spring semesters. Family conferences will be included in parent activities offered to Cal-SOAP families. 

  • College and Career Workshops

  • No alternative textWorkshops are offered for students and parents that increase the availability of information related to college. We have two categories of these workshops, pre-college information dissemination and motivational activities. The first category includes workshops on financial aid and college preparedness, and activities for older students that promote college awareness such as college tours, student panels, college fairs and career workshops. The second category involves motivational activities such as I’m Going to College and College: Making It Happen, set up to promote the early understanding of college.........!!!!

  • Industry Field Trips

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    San Jose Cal-SOAP will continue to work with K-16, community and business partners to assist in the identification of industry field trips. Thes identified industry activities will provide students with experiential learning opportunities that introduce and highlight career pathway options. Additionally, industry sector field trips will be coordinated in collaboration with partner schools that promote regional career pathway options. 

  • College Campus Visits

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    Throughout the academic year San José Cal-SOAP takes students to colleges and universities to expose students to a college campus, interact with college students and to see themselves as future college students. As part of the full experience, students receive a college campus tour, an admissions presentation, an open discussion with a college student panel and the opportunity to have lunch at the campus. 

    These are some of the campuses we have visited:

    San Jose State University

    UC Santa Cruz

    Santa Clara University

    Stanford University

    De Anza College

    Evergreen Valley College

    San Jose City College

    CSU Monterey Bay

    University of San Francisco

    CSU East Bay

    …and many more!