San José Cal-SOAP Programs

    Financial Aid Coaching: Cash for College

  • Financial aid workshops will be conducted at each of the high schools and will have an emphasis on Cal Grant Entitlement Programs. SJCS will continue to implement the San Jose Area Cash for College Campaign throughout the months of October and February to provide students and parents the opportunity to understand the Free Application for Federal Student aid (FAFSA) and Cal Grant GPA verification forms. SJCS staff will begin working with target schools sites in support of the financial aid related activities leading up to the Cash for College workshops. In an effort to effectively increase FAFSA and Cal Grant submissions by students from CalSOAP sites, all Cash for Collge workshops will be located at Cal-SOAP high school sites. These workshops will help families complete and submit their online FAFSA application by the March 2nd deadline to ensure that they qualify for the Cal Grant. The Assistant Director and Academic Coordinators of San Jose Cal-SOAP will work with each target high school to encourage timely submission of GPAs. We will continue to be diligent in our use of Cal Grant data submitted by CSAC to guide our work and monitor our impact at schools. In order to minimize duplication of efforts and maximize resources, SJCS works with consortium partners and other higher education institutions in the Silicon Valley region to design a strategic Cash for College Campaign. Specifically, We will be woking closely with regional College Success Collaborative partners to pool our resources and make the largest and meaningful impact possible. 

  • Pathways to College

  • Pathways to College is a program whose mission is to disseminate information regarding the academic and financial planning that students and parents must embark on to increase postsecondary educational options available to students. The purpose of Pathways to College is to encourage parents and students to take an active role in planning for postsecondary education. Through the Pathways to College activities, students and parents will obtain the necessary tools to move forward in their academic careers.

    Some examples of Pathways to College activities include:

    • Classroom Presentations
    • School Assemblies
    • Student and Parent Conferences
    • Parent Involvement Workshops

  • Higher ED Week

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    Higher ED Week focuses primarily on seniors and juniors at our school sites by providing higher education presentations, admissions workshop based on college system and college fair. It is an event that takes place twice a year. Spring semester HEW is focused on Juniors where they are informed about the various California educational systems. Fall semester is focused on all high school seniors and their preparation on the application process for all of the colleges. The goal of this program is to have students explore and be aware of the application process and schools that best fit them.

  • SJSU Admission Possible

  • San Jose State University Admission Possible is a program offered by the university to help ESUHSD high school sophmores and juniors become aware with the California State University admission requirements. Students learn to track their A-G courses and calculate their Eligibility Index.